How does a jeweler price a diamond?

Many soon to be brides await the day when their future price charming gets on one knee and pops the question.  Of course the question is many times accompanied with a sparkling diamond ring.   This diamond ring was not cheap!  Although it was much cheaper for the jeweler than it was for the ultimate buyer.   Jewelers mark-up diamonds by almost 200-500% depending the store.  This mark-up takes into account the fact that they have to mount the diamond on a mounting, which requires skill and experience, but there is substantial profit in the sale of a diamond by a jeweler.   Unfortunately, if things do not go well in the marriage and the bride or groom choose to sell the diamond, the seller will usually be disappointed with the offer.   The jeweler will not offer the price you paid for the item, due to the fact, that he can re-purchase a similar stone from the diamond market for much less that you purchased it retail.  The jeweler is not ripping you off,  he or she is only willing to purchase the stone if he can, at a lower price than he can from diamond dealers.

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