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Selling U.S. Coins – Half & Silver Dollars

Franklin Half Dollars (1948-1963) The mint mark for this 90% half dollar is located on the reverse of the coin, just above the top of the Liberty Bell.  In average circulated condition these 90% half dollars are only worth melt value. You would have to have a high-grade mint state or proof Ben Franklin coin for […]

Selling United States Coins – Quarters

Washington quarters (1932-1964) Just like Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters are still used in today’s currency. Also like the Roosevelt dimes, only quarters from 1964 and older are 90% silver and are worth much more than face value. The mintmark for this quarter is located on the reverse of the coin, beneath the wreath and above […]

U.S. Coins are a better investment than foreign coins.

One question we get often is, why are foreign coins are almost worthless?  Not all foreign coins are worthless, all foreign coins with gold or silver content will at least be worth the gold or silver scrap value. The “worthless” tag is associated with clad (or coins that do not contain precious metals) coins.  In […]

What causes the volatility in Gold and Silver Prices?

You open your browser, and check the gold prices and see gold is down 5% from last week.  You wonder WHY?  Gold and Silver prices are influenced by many factors.  Both are used in industry and the prices are impacted by manufacture’s purchasing of gold or silver as raw materials in their products. For instance, […]

How does a jeweler price a diamond?

Many soon to be brides await the day when their future price charming gets on one knee and pops the question.  Of course the question is many times accompanied with a sparkling diamond ring.   This diamond ring was not cheap!  Although it was much cheaper for the jeweler than it was for the ultimate buyer.  […]

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