Can I sell broken jewelry?

Yes, we will buy your broken gold, silver, or platinum jewelry. In addition we purchase non-broken jewelry..


Do I need to clean my coins?

Please do not! Never clean your coins as it may decrease any numismatic value they the coin may posses.


Should I polish or clean my tarnished silverware?

No need.  Just bring it in and we will take care of the rest.


Do silver plated items have value?

At this time, we are not buying silver plated items.  If silver prices increased ten fold, then maybe.


Does my watch have to be working?

If your watch or timepiece is not functioning we can have our experts check it out and we will make you an offer if it is repairable.


Is an appointment needed?

No! Just come in to our Carmel location  whenever it is most convenient for you.


Will you pay me immediately?

Yes, we would just need to see your state issued id or drivers license and you will receive immediate payment on the spot.


Can I sell you my diamond ring?

Yes, we specialize in buying diamonds of all shapes and sizes.  This includes engagement rings, as well as other diamond jewelry.


Do you have a staff numismatist who can value my coins?

Yes, we have a staff numismatist, with over 30 years experience.


Do you give written appraisals?

No, we do not offer written insurance appraisals. Bring your items in for our verbal offer on the spot.


Are you a pawn shop?

We are not a pawn shop. We cannot make loans on items, but we will offer you a top tier price for most items.